Akram Tawfik supports the team during the Al-Ahly and ES Setif match – AlmasryAlyoum

  1. Akram Tawfik supports the team during the match Al-Ahly and ES SetifAlmasryAlyoum
  2. Warm encouragement from Al-Ahly fans to Moamen Zakaria… and Hossam Ghaly in receiving the playerAlmasryAlyoum
  3. Crazy joy and encouragement from the Al-Ahly exchange bank with Mohamed SharifAlmasryAlyoum
  4. Al-Ahly faces two tasks in the ES Setif match, preparing to win and please the fansAlmasryAlyoum
  5. Anxiety and tension on the couch of Al-Ahly’s bank, before calculating the first target of video technologyAlmasryAlyoum
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