Austrian brewery and Wagyu bulls; ‘Putin’s Dacha’ Has Bidets That Cost $10,800

An extravagant “dacha,” said to be owned by Vladimir Putin in Karelia, Russia, has an Austrian private brewery worth $3,63,866 and a decorative waterfall that flows from the first floor. The holiday home, first reported to exist in 2016, overlooks the shores of Lake Ladoga, the largest lake in Europe.

Described by architects as “Fisherman’s Hut”, the astonishing details of Putin’s alleged luxury vacation home were revealed in a series of leaked emails obtained by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP). The leaked emails contained floor plans, blueprints, interior plans and other details.

According to the OCCRP report, the land around “Putin’s dacha” is owned by three companies, the directors of which use the domain. However, the actual construction of the complex was led by employees of an obscure non-profit organization, Revival of Marine Traditions.

Satellite images prove that construction of the main building began in 2011. Two years later, work began on another structure on the site. It was registered in the Russian Land Registry in 2018 as a ‘barn’.

In addition to a floor made up of $110,000 worth of Fior di Bosco marble, the futuristic “Fisherman’s Hut” also features huge indoor-outdoor spaces. A spacious open plan dining room is separated from the restaurant style kitchen by a glass wall. Here, guests watch chefs at work using the grilling equipment, tandoor, Japanese-style teppan and smokehouse, the OCCRP report added.

The plumbing fixtures in each of the house’s six bathrooms are estimated to cost more than 3 million rubles (about $46,000). The house features bidets that cost $10,800 each and the shower heads are $4,600 each. Next to the building are two small swimming pools. A small path leads from the house to a natural waterfall with a cozy secluded gazebo. The waterfall used to be a popular tourist attraction, but now the area is not open to the public.

While the land near the building was farmland until construction of Fisherman’s Hut began, much of it is still used for farming. There is a trout farm and residents claim that one can buy live trout straight from the hands of a guard at the dacha when the VIP guests are not on the property.

The compound also includes a cattle ranch where Wagyu bulls are bred to produce Kobe beef. However, beef turns out to be a more precious commodity as none of the locals could buy it.

A high-end Russian interior design firm, FullHouseDesign, has spearheaded the project, according to documents contained in the leaked emails. When asked, the owner of the company told the OCCRP that she could not recall any involvement.

When asked about the buildings and about LLCInvest companies, including those that own and operate the Fisherman’s Hut, the Kremlin replied, “The President of the Russian Federation is in no way associated or affiliated with the assets and organizations you mentioned. .”

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Photo: AFP / Alexander NEMENOV

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