Blinkered tome misses what’s happening in the West. Could be a good thing

If Douglas Murray had only attempted to catalog the awakened movement, his offer would have been modestly helpful. But he bit more than that.

(Image: private media)

The War Against the West† Douglas Murray. Harper Collins.

Your correspondent once suggested: The New York Review of Books editor Ian Buruma (ha ha via about three intermediaries) that he should review books titled “”Suicide/Death of the West”, of which I had found at least five, starting with James Burnham’s 1964 book, and added to most recently by right-wing trekkie Jonah Goldberg (2018).

Buruma’s career suffered its own petit mort a while later, and the review was never done. Today, one could add half a dozen more such titles, and British right-wing ideas fighter Douglas Murray must be frustrated that it’s now simply impossible to reuse. So The War Against the West should replace what is another example of this genre: a catalog of the challenges, attacks, and subversions of what these writers call “the West.”

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