Bride goes through ‘bloody’ hell | Post Poppin’ with Asia Grace (video)

This bride had her own Game of Thrones-worthy red wedding. An Australian newlywed named Madalyn Wise was shocked to discover she had blood gushing all over her white wedding dress. The icky incident happened right after her first dance with the groom, Jayden. In this episode of “Post Poppin”, our host, Asia Grace, investigates this gory mystery.

“Anyone on a period will automatically think, ‘Oh my god! I’m on my period.’” explains Grace. “Like, it’s Shark Week. It wasn’t planned. Aunt Flo, you’re not an invited guest at this wedding! ‘ Turns out the culprits were three giant leeches that climbed onto the bride’s leg during the couple’s “rustic” post-ceremony photoshoot.

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