Bridgerton’s Simone Ashley says cast studied ‘sensual’ snail mating to help with sex scenes

The actor explained that prior to filming the intimate moments of the Netflix drama, she and her castmates would study the movement of the shelled mollusks as they mate to help inspire the sensuality of a scene.

Simone, who plays Kate Sharma, said on the podcast The Envelope (via Digital Spy): “We explored the movement of different animals to represent different speeds or different sexualities or how sensual something could be.

“For example, we look at how snails mate, and when snails mate, they actually produce a plasma that entangles. So if it was a really sensual, slow scene, we’d say, oh, it’s like the snail. And it’s great like the plasma, like falling like honey.”

Simone said the cast also explored how dogs and chimpanzees mate, too.

She continued: “It’s very fast and a different kind of style. So this kind of scene, we’re going to make it really funny and quirky and just like silly and like, let’s think about this animal. So we would kind of focus on the other things around us and then treat it like a dance and make it very character oriented.

Bridgerton is now streaming on Netflix. The Envelope podcast is also available on podcast platforms.

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