Bush Bake

Native ingredients get the treat of baked goods (featuring a wattleseed-cream donut, fermented-honey-joy-gelato, and more) thanks to Redfern’s Bush restaurant, in partnership with Mapo Gelato, Donut Papi and Reuben Hills.

Great things regularly come out of the oven at Bush, an Australian-inspired eatery with a strong focus on native ingredients. On a regular day, grab a wattleseed churros pastry with pecorino sauce, smoked eel pikelets, fairy bread-and-butter pudding, or wattleseed tiramisu. But this upcoming collaboration isn’t just any day.

The Redfern restaurant has teamed up with Mapo Gelato and Donut Papi on some exciting treats that are only available for one day.

There’s a bruléed donut filled with wattleseed crème pâtissière made in collaboration with the donut experts, while Mapo’s gelateria knowledge is used with a fermented honey and macadamia gelato topped with fermented honey candies.

You can also order a rare roasted kangaroo sanga with horseradish cream, or a cucumber, pepperberry, and cream cheese sandwich – both use damper for the bread.

Coffee comes courtesy of Reuben Hills, or you can order a hot lemon myrtle toddy, tangerine soda, or grapefruit granita.

From 10 o’clock.

More information here.

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