Chapel St, Toorak Rd and beyond

Words from Ben Lamb

We’ve rounded up the best bars and pubs in South Yarra on Chapel St and Commercial Road for you to enjoy beer, wine or cocktails, eat pub food and see live music, performances or DJs.

Today we dive into the best bars and pubs in South Yarra, a suburb that is Melbourne’s best when it comes to nightlife and killer vibes.

There are some very renowned wine and cocktail bars and beautiful, historic suburban pubs, from the classic pubs on Commercial Road to the brunch bars on Chapel Street. For the uninitiated, South Yarra is an ancient and storied suburb of Melbourne. Originally home to the Wurundjeri tribe of the Kulin nation, South Yarra was one of the first suburbs to be settled by Europeans in the 1830s, and soon after, wealthy socialites began transforming it into the very affluent suburb it is today. is.

You can find Melbourne’s most comprehensive guides to the best bars and pubs in every suburb and street here.

Today South Yarra strikes a great balance of city and suburb, with beautiful sprawling destinations such as Fawkner Park and the Botanic Gardens, it can be a fantastic day out to get away from it all. There are also some pretty significant attractions in South Yarra; The Como Center is the hub for all things TV in Melbourne, with studios for Network 10 shows such as The project and Did you pay attention? It is also home to Global Production’s headquarters, which hosts shows such as: The pursuit and Dancing with the stars come alive.

In this detailed guide to the best drinking spots and some of the nightlife’s mainstays, we’ve covered you with some of the classics you know and love, some new places to check out, and some hidden gems you’re likely to discover. did not know. If you’re a local, also check out the best bars and pubs in Prahran here, Windsor here and Richmond here. If you’d rather be somewhere a little secretive, check out our list of the best hidden bars.


Address: 517A Chapel Street
Atmosphere: quirky
Special menu: Snacks

Katuk is a pretty cool place that you wish you had heard of sooner. Located in the heart of South Yarra, it is committed to great service and even better drinks. Katuk’s focuses on swinging some high-quality drinks for all types of drinkers, everything from a strawberry-basil mocktail to a glass of Argentine Malbec.

The Osborne

Address: 119 Commercial Rd
Atmosphere: Relaxed
Special menu: Pub

The Osborne takes the coolest parts of pubs and throws it into a pretty sick modern experience. Their outdoor fireplace makes the place a great place to go all year round so you can enjoy their great pub grub like parma and tacos.

Imperial South Yarra

Address: 522 Chapel Street
Atmosphere: Trendy
Special menu: cocktails and pizzas

The Imperial brings some pretty awesome party vibes to the South Yarra area. It’s the kind of place you go to to dance or enjoy a bit of live music. They have mouthwatering dishes on offer, there is a little bit of everything from pizzas to pies.

Speakeasy kitchen bar

Address: 359 Chapel Street
Atmosphere: Friendly
Special menu: Mediterranean

As the name suggests, the Speakeasy Bar is a nod to the world of speakeasies in the US during Prohibition. Unsurprisingly for a list of bars and pubs in South Yarra, it isn’t here, offering high quality, fully legal drinks. For these warmer months, there’s a mulled wine/wine, or even a few cocktails if you fancy some extra luxury. View the menu here.

Talk to me

Address: 153 Commercial Rd
Atmosphere: New York-y
Special menu: Drinks

After a night on the town, Talk to Me is a great after-party spot. They also regularly have fun events. Every Wednesday there is speed dating, and every Thursday there is a uni night where you can get some great deals on some bevs.

Roof of Carolina

Address: 48 Toorak Road
Atmosphere: stylish
Special menu: French inspired

If you’ve got a big date ahead of you, bars and pubs in South Yarra offer some great options, including Tetto Di Carolina an excellent choice. The team is committed to giving the best service and even better food and drinks. Their huge drinks list really does have something for everyone, before you check it out here think of a drink there’s almost no doubt they have it.

Shadowboxer Bar and kitchen

Address: 302 Toorak Road
Atmosphere: Chill
Special menu: First-class dishes and wines

Shadowboxer does the whole bar thing right. They have a perfect wine list with some fantastic Aussie selections and a menu full of seasonal produce so you can be sure to get the highest quality stuff. They also have some great event spaces, perfect for holding those events you missed during the lockdown.

Zhou Zhou Bar

Address: 455 Chapel Street
Atmosphere: Classic
Special menu: Asian inspired

If the hustle and bustle of bar life isn’t your scene, Zhou Zhou is the place for you. It’s an early 1900s Shanghai-themed establishment complete with a huge selection of around 50 Asian whiskeys and a ton of brews from other corners of the world.

Leonard’s House of Love

Address: 3 Wilson St
Atmosphere: Modern Melbourne
Special menu: Burgers

It sounds like something straight out Once upon a time in Hollywood, and it sure feels that way. At the front, you’d think it’s an ordinary mansion, but once you go through the doors, a new world awaits. Make sure to eat their American cheeseburgers, which pair perfectly with their range of great beers.


Address: 383 Chapel Street
Atmosphere: Outdoor
Dedicated Menu: Premium Seasonal Brunch + Snacks

This is a fancy place, the kind you would take your parents to when they visit. There are some great quality wines on offer from some of Victoria’s most pristine wine regions, as well as beers from all over the state. In terms of food, there are some delicious items such as crab crumpets, quinoa porridge or even your simple eggs on toast.

Two mistakes

Address: 637 Chapel Street
Atmosphere: Trendy
Special menu: Mexican inspired

Two mistakes make a right when it comes to this bar. The food comes through hard and strong, tacos abound with everything from a steak taco to a squishies chip taco, including some battered fries.

At the end of the drinks there are more cocktails than you can shake a stick at, all with some pretty crazy names, dive into the menu here.

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