Death Stranding 2 is now in development according to Norman Reedus

It was believed that Kojima Productions would likely be working on another Death Stranding game in the future, but Norman Reedus, the character Sam Bridges plays, seems to have confirmed that work on the game has just begun.

In an interview with online publication Leo Edit, Reedus said “we’ve just started the second one” as to how the original game came about and how he felt about that process.

About how he got involved with the original game, Reedus said: “Then I was in San Diego and Hideo came over with a big group of people, he’s from Tokyo, and he showed me what he was working on on a game called Silent Hill. I was blown away by what he showed me, and I thought, ‘Yeah, let’s do this.’ It’s not Mrs. Pacman; it’s so realistic, it’s so futuristic, it’s so intricate and beautiful, and I was completely blown away.”

Obviously we expect Death Stranding 2 to take quite a few years when it just started developing, and it’s unclear what Kojima Productions has been working on for the past few years once it just started development, but we’ll keep going you posted like hear more.

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