Dramatic cat pretending to be hurt, tipped for Oscar: ‘Liar’

A cat’s hilarious act after pretending to be injured has left viewers in the dark this week following a viral TikTok video.

Fifi and Kareem run the TikTok account and don’t stop meowing. From Irvine in Scotland, they share videos of their cats’ unique personalities on the internet and have millions of followers eager to see their latest antics.

On Thursday, they shared the video of Chase, the 2-year-old cat pretending to be injured after his owner pretended to be knocked against the wall. They captioned the video: “And the Oscar goes to.”

In the hilarious video that has now been viewed more than 11 million times, Chase immediately crawls over to his owner, hugs her and rests his head on her shoulder, even though he was really hurt.

Cat pretends to be hurt
Kareem and Fifi’s cat Chase’s “Oscar-winning” performance has let the internet down. With over 11 million views, TikTok users have shared their joy at the cat’s response.
don’t stop meowing/TikTok

In the video, the cat’s loving owner looks at the camera and says, “He’s such a liar.”

Fifi and Kareem told news week: “Chase is known for being dramatic, so we didn’t expect anything else from him.”

TikTok users were confused about the Oscar-winning performance of the cat and took to the comments to share their thoughts.

One user said, “Speaking of being dramatic. I love it,” while another commenter wrote, “He’s so overdramatic! But that’s so cute.”

“Omg, he’s such a drama queen,” joked another TikToker.

Even cats pretending to be hurt aren’t unheard of. A study published by the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Associationn in 2011 looked at several cats showing strange signs of illness in stressful situations.

Using two groups of cats — one healthy and one with feline interstitial cystitis, a chronic disease characterized by recurrent bladder discomfort or pain — the study found that both groups exhibited the same number of illness behaviors in response to unusual events. This showed that cats are capable of “pretending” to be sick to get the response they need from caretakers, much like Chase in the video pretends to be injured to get some extra attention.

“We enjoy filming videos with our cats and showing the world their unique personalities. Our cats are very similar to humans and after sharing them we learned that they are very different from normal cats,” said Fifi and Kareem. “Apart from their unique personalities, we tend to share content that most people find relatable, such as our cat dad content, a series about cats that prefer dad to mom.”

“We’re nominating Chase for the best performance,” another TikTok user joked after seeing the viral video. While one commenter said: “Omg the way he hugs. So cute.”

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