Fred Savage Fired From Miracle Years After Investigation

Fred Savage has been fired from The Wonder Years

Savage, who worked as an executive producer and director on the show, was fired after an investigation into multiple complaints of misconduct, a 20th Television spokesperson confirmed to E! News.

“We were recently made aware of allegations of inappropriate behavior by Fred Savage, and as is the policy, an investigation has been launched,” the spokesperson said in a statement. “After its completion, the decision was made to terminate his employment as executive producer and director of The Wonder Years

While there was no further comment on the specific allegations, Deadline reports that the claims allegedly include “verbal outbursts and inappropriate behavior.”

e! News has contacted Savage’s attorney for comment, but has not heard back.

In 2018, Savage was charged with alleged sexual harassment, assault, violence and gender discrimination by: YoungJoo Hwangthe customer on Fox’s the mill, starring Savage. Hwang said Savage’s “aggressive behavior, harassment and constant use of profanity targeting female employees was not monitored,” Hwang said. Variety

In 2019, Hwang’s lawsuit was dismissed after the two parties settled out of court. Savage denied her allegations.

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