Gabby Petito Case: Brian Laundrie’s Parents MIA At Hearing In Lawsuit

The legal battle between the parents of Brian Laundry and Gabby Petito continues.

on June 22, Christopher and Roberta Laundry were not present at the first hearing of the civil proceedings brought against them by the Petito family, per People† The couple was not required by law to attend the hearing – which will determine whether the case goes to trial – but Gabby’s parents Joseph Petito and Nicole Schmidt were present.

During the hearing, judge Hunter Carroll heard arguments from both lawyers and later told that he expects to make a decision within the next two weeks, CNN reports.

e! News has reached out to the Laundrie family’s attorney for comment.

In March, the Petito family filed a lawsuit against the laundries for allegedly helping their son cover up Gabby’s death.

In their complaint, Gabby’s parents allege that Christopher and Roberta “kept Brian Laundrie’s whereabouts a secret” and “arranged to have him leave the country” after he went missing in September during the search for the then-missing Gabby. They are demanding “compensation for the damage they suffered” in addition to additional relief, the documents said.

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