Irish nationalist party Sinn Fein wins elections in Northern Ireland

BELFAST, Northern Ireland

Irish nationalist party Sinn Fein on Saturday praised a “new era” for Northern Ireland as it headed for a historic election victory that would make it the largest party in the legislature for the first time.

With the majority of the Assembly’s 90 seats counted, Sinn Fein, who wants to unite the north with Ireland, is competing with the Democratic Unionist Party, which has dominated Northern Ireland’s legislature for 20 years. So far, both have 23 seats, but Sinn Fein was generally expected to win the most seats.

The centrist Alliance Party, which does not identify as nationalist or unionist, has seen a huge surge in support and will become the other big winner in this year’s local UK elections, which were held on Thursday. It has 17 seats so far.

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