Labor targets Higgins signs with injunction amid tight competition

“The fraudulent materials only appear alongside other materials that the Liberals have installed,” the statement said.

Labor said the person who appeared to have approved the signs is “not on the electoral roll”, but the signs could be linked to the Liberal Party. Labor said in the statement that the Liberal Party and Katie Allen “published material, mimicking the Australian Greens and asking Greens voters to put Labor last”.

Higgins is expected to be one of the tightest Liberal-Labor games in Victoria, with the Greens also a great chance to pick up the seat.


“If Katie Allen makes enough Greens voters think the Australian Greens are asking Greens voters to put Labor last, then maybe Katie Allen would scrape together just enough votes to keep her seat,” the Labor statement said. declaration.

Signs of other Greens material appeared at a polling station in Carnegie.

Signs of other Greens material appeared at a polling station in Carnegie.Credit:Katina Curtis

Labor said it had asked the Australian Electoral Commission to remove the signs but had refused to remove the material immediately. The party has engaged law firm Holding Redlich and filed an urgent injunction in federal court demanding the AEC remove the signs.

Voting booth signage was controversial in the latest elections in the Melbourne seats of Chisholm and Kooyong, where the Liberal Party produced signs at those voters’ booths in Mandarin in the same colors as AEC signs.

The signs said the “correct” way to vote was to put one on the ballot next to the Liberal Party.

On Election Day in 2019, the AEC dismissed concerns about those signs, saying they were allowed as long as they had the proper authorization and were in an appropriate place.

Liberal Party signage outside a voting booth in Chisholm's Melbourne seat.

Liberal Party signage outside a voting booth in Chisholm’s Melbourne seat.Credit:Luke Hilakari

But the Federal Court late found that the signs were misleading or deceptive when placed next to AEC signs, such as at some polling booths.

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