Lisa Wilkinson’s Logies speech one of the ‘worst cases’ of ‘ego-driven’ activism

Sky News Digital Editor Jack Houghton says journalist Lisa Wilkinson’s speech about Brittany Higgins at the Logies was one of the “worst cases of ego-driven activism”.

Ms. Wilkinson’s Logies speech allegedly forced the ACT Supreme Court to set a new October 4 date for the trial of former political executive Bruce Lehrmann.

The TV host had previously been warned not to comment publicly on the case.

Mr Houghton said Ms Wilkinson is not behaving “as an ethical journalist should”.

“These are things that real journalists have to be patient with, a journalist’s gut feeling doesn’t replace our entire justice system,” he said.

“If we don’t realize that as a society, everything else will be destroyed.

“The presumption of innocence must be fiercely protected, even if you are the most ardent champion of women’s rights.”

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