Loose skin in photo of fitness influencer Emily Skye cheered

Australian fitness star Emily Skye shared a series of photos showing her long locks, but it was something else that caught the attention of fans.

If there’s one thing you can count on, Australian fitness star Emily Skye is sharing “raw and real” content.

The mother of two, creator of Emily Skye Fit, has a combined Instagram and Facebook following of 12.4 million.

Much of her success and huge social media following is attributed to her honest content – ​​and her latest post was no different.

The 37-year-old shared a series of photos featuring loose jeans, a colorful cropped jacket and a bronzed makeup look.

And while Emily showed off her long, brown hair and explained to followers how she was about to go lighter, fans couldn’t help but applaud her at one particular photo.

It showed the Queensland fitness star proudly showing off her abs and loose skin.

“You are absolutely amazing,” wrote one fan.

“I really appreciate you showing how pregnancy changes your body. I have my stretch marks and the skin didn’t bounce back and loose, but I love it all even on my low days,” wrote a fellow mom.

One woman described it as “the most beautiful picture” she’s ever seen of Emily, while others said their bodies also look the same after having children.

†[I] have loose skin. Appreciate your honesty – it looks fantastic, and you look great and give other women the confidence not to hide the stomach when so much work has been done,” said one follower.

“Such a beautiful and powerful photo,” added another.

The Gold Coast fitness guru, who has a four-year-old daughter, Mia, and son Izaac, nearly two, often tells her legion of fans how much she loves her belly skin — and why she’d never photoshop it.

“I never did and I never would. I really love my belly skin — it’s reminiscent of my kids and how incredible my body is for what it DOES every day,” she said in a post from October last year.

“It can sometimes be hard to appreciate it for what it does when we’re constantly focusing on how it looks.

“I always practice gratitude for it every day and that has made a huge difference in how I feel about it. I love my body.

Emily, who gave birth to son Izaac in June 2020, has never shied away from revealing the ‘truth’ about her body.

She purposely posts pictures showing her differences to prove that no one is perfect — not even social media influencers.

Emily, who also co-owns James Cosmetics, recently spoke to news.com.au about some of the “hurtful” messages she’s had from followers about her post-baby body — and wanted to remind women to love themselves. and don’t let anyone negatively affect their relationship with their body.

“RIP fit body, yuck, your body is ruined, so much cellulite, reminds me never to have kids,” were just some of the comments she had received.

“I’ve said this before — I love my body so much and I’m grateful for everything it’s done for me and my kids,” Emily told news.com.au.

Earlier this year, she said there was a lot of pressure on women to “be everything and look a certain way.”

“It doesn’t matter what you see on social media today, tomorrow, next week, next month…don’t make yourself feel shitty because your stomach isn’t flat or your butt isn’t round or you aren’t ‘slim fat ‘.

“How a body shape can be fashionable is beyond me!” Emily went on to say that a woman’s body is “amazing” the way it is.

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