Meet Nikola Jovic, Serbian NBA Draft Prospector for 2022

The Nuggets may get another player next season who resembles Nikola Jokic – so similar you only need to swap one letter.

Nikola Jovic is Serbian, as is the back-to-back MVP, and also works as a playmaker and scoring option for the squads he has played in. He even played in the same Serbian pro team as Jokic, the Adriatic League’s Mega Basket.

19-year-old Serbian product Jovic (born in Leicester, England) is expected to be selected around the mid-to-late first round of the 2022 NBA Draft. The Nuggets have the number 21 pick. And Denver brought Jovic in for some training on the pre-draft process. Could they double dip?

Nikola Jovico
Nikola Jovico
Photo by David Grau/Euroleague Basketball via Getty Images
Nikola Joki
Nikola Joki
Getty Images

Jovic is an anomaly for his height, a six-foot striker who can stretch the floor – he shot 35.6 percent from outside the arc last season.

With a small forward build, the Serb can also pass incredibly well and has good track vision. Also, given his size, he is a good ball handler and can act as a primary playmaker for whatever team he lands.

Jovic, like many young players, is sensitive to turnovers – he averaged 2.7 last season. The Mega Basket star is also quite skinny – he weighs 210 pounds – but with his frame and age, he can easily fill it if he joins the competition.

Every team that Jovic designs gets a promising player with an advantage.

And maybe next season he will be Nikola’s second star at Denver.

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