Miami New Times readers react to ex-cop Jesus Menocal’s three-year prison sentence

Police officers are supposed to stop crimes – not commit them. So when an officer finds himself on the other side of the law, the community they’re supposed to “protect and serve” gets extremely upset.

That’s what happened when at least four women and girls reported that former Hialeah police officer Jesus “Jessie” Menocal assaulted or raped them while abusing his authority as a sergeant. But when the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office declined to prosecute Menocal, the U.S. Department of Justice claimed there were loopholes in the civil rights law that made it difficult to file a felony against him.

In Monday’s story, “How an ex-Hialeah police officer who sexually assaulted multiple women avoided charges,” New times freelancer Izzy Kapnick explained how Menocal, the son of a former Sweetwater police chief, pleaded guilty last March to three federal charges with a maximum sentence of one year each. As a result, Menocal only got three years and no decades — or life — in prison.

Menocal’s victims were devastated by a punishment they felt did not fit the crime. New times readers who participated on Facebook didn’t think so highly of it either.

James says:

“To protect and serve…” The police protect their own and serve themselves…
The judiciary also protects and serves the police…

Justin replies:

Police breaking the law should receive 3x the maximum penalty.

My offers:

Surprise surprise, no justice as usual for them….

Fernando replies:

And then we wonder what’s wrong with the police forces of Miami and surrounding cities. He doesn’t even have to register as a sex offender and of course, he doesn’t have to worry about breaking the law. This area needs a citizen panel that sends these guys to a grand jury. Don’t see Governor-Governor Ron DeSantis acting on this.

Carlos points out:

The DA is in bed with the police, that’s why nothing is done

Manny adds:

They live by the same rules as gangs. They even have their own color and flag. Walk like a gang, talk like a gang… they’re a gang

Tony writes:

This is an absolute mockery of the criminal justice system. This POS was an officer of the law who abused those women who used his authority. He should have gotten the maximum for every woman he assaulted.

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