Minnie Driver asked to fake an orgasm during an audition

“I wanted to tell them we were better than this.”

You know Minnie Driver from classic movies like Good Will HuntingGrosse Pointe Blankand Golden Eye.

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Minnie has a new memoir out, Managing expectationsand in it (via The Times) she recalls an early point in her career when a casting director made an inappropriate request on set.

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Minnie recalls auditioning for a TV commercial for chocolates when a casting director asked her if she would be in the infamous scene. When Harry met Sally, where Meg Ryan fakes an orgasm in a restaurant.

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“You know the scene where she fakes an orgasm?” he asked, “Eat a piece of chocolate and do that… Unless you fancy a real one.”

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“I thought about all the girls waiting outside,” she recalled. “We were all vying for an opportunity that was actually humiliation, dressed in pick-me! clothes. I wanted to run outside to warn them.”

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“I wanted to tell them we were better than this, better than lunchtime entertainment for a bunch of perverted execs, sanctioned their pervity by considering this ‘work’.”

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“But of course I didn’t, because the fire was lit and it needed fuel, and any fuel, no matter how disturbing, will burn just as well.”

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Minnie also noted that the director had asked her to fake an orgasm several times, and that the chocolate tasted “disgusting” — prompting her to put her foot on the floor. “I don’t think I can do it again…because I’ll throw up,” she said.

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THE RICHES, Minnie Driver, ‘Friday Night Lights’, (Season 2, Episode 2, aired March 25, 2008), 2007-08. photo: Prashant Gupta / ©FX / Courtesy of Everett Collection

“They thought I was talking about the chocolate, but it was really my shame that I got into the whole grotesque query. And the damn chocolate.”

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According to Minnie, the casting director — whom she called “Scorsleazy,” a play on director Martin Scorsese’s last name — replied, “Well, apparently all the other girls really enjoyed this.”

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“I picked up the good coat I had been wearing from the floor, smiled mightily and said, ‘They were pretending.’ As exits go, it wasn’t bad.”

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Read the entire excerpt here and go here if you want to buy the book.

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