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The concerned parent named Rachel will be flying to Sydney from the UK with her children aged four, two and two months, but says she could use some help

Concerned mother Rachel has summoned strangers to help her on a long flight
Concerned mother Rachel has summoned strangers to help her on a long flight

A mother who has the prospect of spending nearly 24 hours on a plane with three children has offered complete strangers more than £500 to come with her and help.

The concerned parent, named Rachel, will be flying from the UK to Sydney with her children aged four, two and two months.

She took to social media to ask for help – saying she was stunned by the response.

Rachel, who lives in Australia, goes to the UK for her brother’s wedding, but her husband cannot accompany her.

She has offered $1,000 – the equivalent of £570 – for a helping hand.

She has bid almost £600 for someone to help (file image)


Sunday Mirror)

Calling for help taking care of children Ivy, four, Stella, two and baby Willow on the Malaysia Airlines flight back to Sydney, she wrote: “Someone going from London to Sydney and wanting to make $1,000?”

She continued: “The kinds of things you could help with: holding the baby so I can help the older girls, helping the 4-year-old and 2-year-old with their meals, keeping the 4-year-old and 2-year-old busy – puzzles, books, sorting their TVs and headphones, etc.

“It’s a 23.5 hour flight so essentially that’s $42 an hour, but I wouldn’t expect you to be helping with the kids for 24 hours straight!”

She described her children as well-behaved but added: “When the older girls are asleep you don’t have to do anything and even when they are awake I’m glad they can watch as much TV as they want so anything you could to do.” then what you need to do is make sure the headphones don’t fall off, put on the next movie etc.

“I will also do as much as I can, but I will also take care of the baby.”

Rachel said she was stunned by the response


Sunday Mirror)

After her appeal in a number of Facebook groups, Rachel told the Daily Mail Australia that the response was “astonishing”.

She said: “I’m actually quite blown away by how kind and supportive so many strangers have been to me.

“I was originally recruiting my family to help and offered to pay for their flight etc. but I got no joy.

“I told a friend who said she found her babysitter through a babysitting Facebook group and many people would be from Europe.”

She said that in addition to those who volunteered their services, some had suggested groups she should post in.

Rachel told the Mail that she is now refining the list of candidates.

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