New Pokémon GO map is really the same in disguise

The following Pokemon GO Expansion for the trading card game includes Melmetal VMAX, the original Legendary Birds, and a wild new Ditto transformation unlike anything the TCG has ever seen before. I’m sure it will be extremely rare to find and also incredibly satisfying for those who do.

There have been tons of Ditto cards before, but it’s coming on July 1st when the Pokemon GO expansion drops are special because it uses stickers to disguise itself as other Pokémon. In an Instagram post, the Pokémon Company used a chill-surfing Bidoof as an example. Normally just a cute and cuddly HM boss, Bidoof with a sneaky little Ditto icon in the bottom left corner is actually the gooey little impostor in disguise. Peel away a sticker and a rare holographic Ditto will be revealed underneath.

This is what the transformation looks like in action:

“Note that the Pokémon resting on top of Ditto cannot be used competitively in official matches — only the Ditto itself,” the Pokémon Company wrote in an announcement. “You’ll even find a little Ditto icon instead of the typical tournament registration sign!”

It’s unclear what other Pokémon the Ditto from the new expansion can disguise itself as. A holographic Moltres perhaps? Would anyone be so cruel?

Pokémon cards have seen a major resurgence in recent years, with extremely rare cards yielding huge buckets of cash. At the beginning of the pandemic, people rushed into Target and other large boxes to grab new packages. While that part of the frenzy is gone, unwrapping, raffles, and other giveaways are still big on YouTube and Twitch. And given the continued popularity of Pokemon GOthe crossover is probably one of the bigger expansions the TCG has seen in recent years.

but if polygon points out that some collectors are already working themselves into an existential crisis over the proper way to preserve the new Dittos. Should they remain pure and unpeeled? Or do the stickers need to be removed and packaged separately so that the glue on them doesn’t deteriorate and ruin the underlying card over time? Probably best to collect at least two Dittos and do both, just to be extra safe.

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