NY government Hochul vows to convene lawmaker to define places where guns are prohibited – SCOTUS decision ‘reprehensible’

D-NY Governor Kathy Hochul said on MSNBC’s “The Last Word” on Thursday that she is meeting with the New York legislature to draft a law to counter the Supreme Court’s ruling over a New York state law. nullify that “good reason” requirement to get a concealed carry license.

Hochul said, “Teddy Roosevelt was president when we had this law. That’s how long it goes. If you’re talking about historical traditions, I think that’s long enough. We’ve had this on the books. We’ve had New Yorkers all along. under this law. That they take us back to a time when you have to think about what it was like when our Founding Fathers wrote the laws is absurd. It’s reprehensible. It’s painful for all of us on the front lines to trying to get sensible gun safety legislation.”

She continued: “We knew this was coming. We consulted with the smartest people in the country, our lawyers. People who were on the front lines in every city, for example. We have a strategy. We’re going to convene the legislature, they don’t usually come back until January, but this is urgent. This is a matter of public safety. I need to make sure we can change the law in a few days so we can have restrictions that talk about sensitive places. We will have the right to stop hidden porters, carrying weapons to sensitive places. I want to mark off those sensitive spots. I assure you you are not going to let this happen in our subways.”

Hochul added: “I’m not going to allow it in our schools or churches or all kinds of other places. We’re going to create that language now. I do not relinquish my right and my responsibility. If the governor of this state wants that protection, I will not give up.”

O’Donnell said, “The latest news of the evening in terms of New York’s response is that you are recalling a legislature. You say we need to write a new law, in view of what the Supreme Court has said today, to try and find a way to pierce these legal needles, to create enough protection for New Yorkers, in fact against the Supreme Court. .

Hochul said, ‘Yes, I will. I’m going to the line. I’ll make sure it’s legally tenable. I will be advised on this by constitutional scholars.”

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