Pence saw respond to bid to force Trump out of office, calls for 25th amendment in documentary

Documentary footage from British filmmaker Alex Holder shows former Vice President Mike Pence’s reaction when Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi demanded that he invoke the 25th Amendment and remove Donald Trump as president during the final days of his election. tenure.

Mr Pence, who ultimately did not invoke the 25th Amendment, looks stunned at the images.

“I join the Democratic Senate leader in calling on the Vice President to remove this President by immediately invoking the 25th Amendment,” Ms Pelosi said in the documentary clip. “If the vice president and cabinet don’t act, Congress may be willing to move forward with impeachment.”

Maggie Haberman from The New York Times reported On Thursday, a senior aide to Mr Pence told her that the documentary footage does not “accurately represent” what happened that day and that the footage of Mr Pence reading a document on his phone is not a resolution calling on him to enter the 25th. calling amendment, but of his response to that resolution.

On the evening of Mr. Pence’s interview, Jan. 12, the House passed a resolution calling on Mr. Pence to invoke the 25 Amendment to declare Mr Trump unfit and remove him from office. to delete. Rep. Illinois’s Adam Kinzinger was the only Republican to vote for the resolution, and is now one of only two Republicans on the Jan. 6 committee.

Prior to the House vote on the resolution, Mr. Pence wrote a letter to Ms. Pelosi saying he would not invoke the 25th Amendment because he did not believe it was in “the best interest of our nation or in accordance with our constitution”. †

After the vote, Mr Pence’s official response to the resolution was in line with his previous position.

“Under our Constitution, the 25th Amendment is not a means of punishment or usurpation,” Pence wrote. “Invoking the 25th Amendment in such a way would set a terrible precedent.”

The next day, the House voted to impeach Mr Trump a second time — only for the Senate to acquit Mr Trump again days later and allow him to finish his term in office and possibly again in the future. to become president. Should Trump decide to run for president within two years, he could face Pence in the Republican primary.

The documentary clip shows Mr Pence unfolding the hearing process – at one point he clears his throat and reads a copy of a draft of a document on his phone. He then asks an assistant to print him a paper copy. It is not clear whether that document was the letter he wrote or the House resolution.

The documentary mentions on a screen at the end of the clip that Mr. Pence, who has been at the center of plots to nullify the 2020 election results and keep Donald Trump in power, refused to talk about the events of 6 January.

Mr Holder’s documentary series, filmed over the six months leading up to and following the 2020 election, will be released in three parts on Discovery Plus later this summer. Mr Holder was deposed behind closed doors by the committee of 6 January on Thursday.

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