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The Community’s Strategic Plan, The Plan, a ten-year plan for Georges River, is finalized for the community to have a say in their vision for the community.

Georges River Council Mayor Nick Katris said: “Our community must not only have a say in the plan as a document, but also be an ongoing part of its development over the next 10 years.

“We already have a strong sense of community and are working together to make our community even better, so I’m confident we’ll continue to do that.”

The plan outlines what residents can do to achieve community building goals.

Things like attending community events, getting to know and babysitting your neighbors, joining a local community organization, or connecting with local history by researching the historic markers in Georges River.

“If you are passionate about the environment, you can help achieve green environmental goals. You can raise your awareness of household waste and emissions and make some changes at home, join a bushcare group, help protect tree canopies, shrubs and make your own home greener, and avoid the use of pesticides,” said Cr Katris.

“Some of the choices you make also help achieve economic development goals. Such as when you support ‘buy local, stay local’, work from home and enjoy local businesses, or work with the Council to update economic development strategy You can even start your own business and if you already own one, join Georges River Business to create a strong local business network.

“Contributing to the goals of the built environment can be as simple as being aware of planning and development strategies, using walking and cycling paths for more trips, and using our extensive public transportation system. These goals also include getting involved in and enjoy our many structured and unstructured sports and recreation facilities and fields across the Georges River.”

The Community Strategic Plan is a 10-year plan to guide the Georges River Council and all community stakeholders in delivering services based on community priorities.

This final opportunity to provide feedback on The Plan will close on May 26, 2022. Then it will move on to the June Georges River Council meeting.

For more information and to comment, please visit the Council’s opinion section of the website.

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