Simeone for the Madrid derby: We have 4 finals in front of the Champions League


Posted on: Saturday 7 May 2022 – 15:58 | Last update: Saturday 7 May 2022 – 15:58

Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone said his team has four more finals to go to secure a Champions League qualification.

Atletico are preparing to face Real Madrid in the Madrid derby on Sunday.

After a goalless draw with Granada, fourth-seeded Atlético Madrid lost 2-0 to Atlétimo Bilbao last Saturday, allowing the fifth-seeded Real Betis team to narrow the gap between them to three points.

“The truth is we are in a critical situation, there are still four games to go,” Simeone said at a press conference on Saturday.

He added: “We will play the derby in the best possible way, with great enthusiasm, and we will try to avoid talking about the current situation. What worries us is the result.”

He added: “I hope the team can express itself in the best possible way. It’s strong, focused, competitive and good things happen from here. If you show your strength, everything will be positive in the game.”

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