The Real Reason Amber Heard Almost Got Fired From Aquaman 2

According to her talent agent, Amber heard almost got fired from the highly anticipated movie Aquaman 2.

Following the much-discussed libel lawsuit of the actress with ex-husband Johnny Deppa significant number of viewers requested Warner Bros. to remove her from the film’s sequel.

Jessica Kovacevic, Heard’s talent agent, testified this week, saying Warner Bros. claimed that Heard’s “lack of chemistry” with her co-star Jason Momoa nearly dropped her from the movie.

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Amber heard
Heard claims she had to “fight really hard to stay” [her] career” after her legal battle with Depp. (AP)

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In her pre-recorded statement, Kovacevic talked about Heard’s acting career amid her divorce from Depp, saying the 36-year-old’s career should have taken off after the 2018 blockbuster film. Aquarius, which grossed over $1 billion USD ($1.42 billion AUD).

The agent discussed the “online rumours” alleging that Warner Bros. Heard wanted to replace, and also said she believed the bad publicity surrounding Heard and Depp’s lawsuit inevitably led to studio doubts about retaining her role as Queen Mera.

Kovacevic expressed her own opinion, saying she believed the studio didn’t want to “hire someone with bad press,” adding, “Nobody wants that association.”

This comes after Heard claimed she lost many career opportunities during her legal battle with the… pirates of the caribbean actor.

“I lost opportunities. I got fired from jobs and campaigns. I fought to keep my job and the biggest movie opportunity I had yet [with] Justice League with the option to [star in] Aquarius,” she said.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp
Depp has filed a $50 million defamation lawsuit against the actress over a 2018 op-ed she wrote. (AP)

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“I had to fight really hard to stay inside Justice League because that was the time of the divorce,” Heard added.

The petition to remove Heard from the film has received significant attention, garnering more than 4.3 million signatures since its first release in 2020.

In the sequel, which will premiere in March 2023, Heard reportedly only has 10 minutes of screen time.

Discussing her minimal role in the sequel, Heard confirmed that the studio significantly reduced her role during her trial with Depp, claiming they “didn’t want to record me.”

Amber heard
Heard confirmed that the studio significantly reduced her role during her trial with Depp. (AP)

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“I got a script and then new versions of the script that took away scenes of action, portraying my character and another character, without giving away any spoilers, two characters fighting each other, and they basically took a lot out my role,” she told the court. “They just removed a forest.

Depp filed a US$50 million (approximately $70 million) defamation lawsuit against the actress over a 2018 op-ed she wrote The Washington Post about domestic violence.

Heard didn’t mention Depp by name in her essay, but the actor says it was obvious she was writing about him. The process continues.

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