Tornado rips through small town of Michigan, buildings ripped to pieces – New York Daily News

A “large and extremely dangerous” tornado struck Gaylord, Michigan, on Friday afternoon, leaving a trail of destruction.

The National Weather Service reported the tornado just before 4 p.m. The twister struck buildings and overturned cars and mobile homes.

No injuries or deaths were reported immediately, according to local news outlets.

Debris was scattered throughout the 4,000-population city about 50 miles south of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Witnesses said the tornado passed through the most densely populated area of ​​the city.

‘I’m lucky I’m still alive. It blew the back of the building,” auto repair shop owner Mike Klepadlo told the Associated Press after taking cover in a bathroom. “Twenty feet of the back wall is gone. The whole roof is missing. At least half of the building still stands. It’s bad.”

Social media photos showed that several buildings in the city had been destroyed, including a Culver’s restaurant and part of a strip mall.

“Trees and Power Lines Blocking Roads,” Michigan State Police tweeted† “Multiple homes and businesses damaged. Avoid the Gaylord area.”

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