Toronto’s Trendiest Kitchens Just Revealed and Here’s What the Locals Love

When it comes to food, you can find pretty much any dish your heart desires in Toronto. The city has a wide variety of cuisines, but some are more popular than others.

In celebration of Canada Day, OpenTable has unveiled Toronto’s trendiest international cuisines for 2022. The list is intended to showcase the “culinary diversity” Canada has to offer.

The trending kitchens were defined as the largest increase in reservations compared to 2019 (before the pandemic). Here’s what people like to eat in Toronto:

  • Persian (+829%)
  • Contemporary French (+184%)
  • British (+110%)
  • Thai (+97%)
  • American (+91%)
  • Mediterranean (+38%)
  • Asian (+33%)

Nationally, the top three trending international cuisines are British (+89%), Thai (+70%) and Mexican (+57%), so Torontonians crave dishes different from the rest of the country.

Toronto also made the list of the widest range of cuisines in the country, alongside Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal, with over 50 to choose from. No wonder it’s so hard to decide on your next dinner party.

OpenTable featured some Toronto restaurants where you can delve into these trending cuisines, and the recommendations are:

  • HERBY (Persian)
  • Café Boulud (contemporary French)
  • The Rabbit Hole (British)
  • Pai Northern Thai (Thai)
  • Louis Louis (American)
  • Myth (Mediterranean)
  • Mineral (Asian)

A list of the best alfresco dining options in Canada was recently released, just in time for the warm weather, and 22 Toronto restaurants have tied the knot, so if you’re looking for more reasons to enjoy the food scene of the city, you can see some of these places from.

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