Twitter brings its caption switch to Android and iOS

Twitter gives you the option to enable or disable closed captioning on your mobile device. The social network has started rolling out a caption switch for everyone on Android and iOS a few months after it started testing the feature. As long as a video posted to the platform has available captions, you’ll see a CC button in the top right section – just tap it to toggle captions on or off.

It’s a great addition for accessibility purposes as it allows you to show subtitles whenever you want. In the past you only saw the CC button on the web and for subtitles on mobile when your sound is turned off. Furthermore, subtitles disappear automatically when you expand a video, as this allows the playback of sound. A few years ago you even had to go to accessibility settings to enable subtitles if you want to see subtitles for your videos. That said, the feature does have a limitation: the button will only appear for a video if it has a caption provided for it.

Twitter introduced auto-generated captions for videos in December, which has nothing to do with this particular feature, according to a spokesperson who spoke to The edge† However, they only appear on muted videos unless you choose the option to always see them from the website’s accessibility settings page. It is also currently not possible to report inaccurate automated captioning.

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