Weather in Vancouver: How much rain can you expect in Vancouver

Environment Canada calls for wet weather every day.

There’s a chance we won’t see any rain this weekend, but it would be unwise to leave your umbrella at home.

While the weather forecast for Metro Vancouver for the next week includes milder, double-digit daily highs, there is a chance of precipitation every day.

Starting Friday (May 6) Environment Canada is calling for a 30 percent chance of showers during the day and a maximum temperature of 11°C; the overnight low is expected to drop to 6°C.

Heading into the weekend, Saturday’s forecast is nearly identical to Friday’s, albeit with a slightly higher chance of overnight showers. The forecast for Sunday includes a 40 percent chance of showers during the day, but the evening is expected to be dry.

If we leave on the weekend, Monday could also be some wet weather, with a 30 percent chance of showers during the day. The chance of wet weather is expected to increase during the week, with a higher chance of showers on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Metro Vancouver Weather Forecast

Photo via Environment Canada

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