Web Series Review! Home Shanti! Manoj Pahwa and Supriya Pathak make ‘Ashiana’ of ‘feel good’ middle-class sense, will make ‘home’ in the hearts of the public

The world of OTT, as it slowly grows, I’m glad that here now the creators have come to understand that crime, action and thriller series alone are not enough to entertain the audience, some feel-good stories It is also necessary to say , in which there is no ruckus. piggy bank After that, a similar series caught my attention, namely home peace I Dehradun living in joshi family It is a middle class story of someone who has the dream of owning a house where everyone can enjoy his/her part of life, for a government servant to dream this and then take the country and there are dream bungalows to build It is not easy either, the story of this battle is beautifully portrayed in this series. Supriya Pathaki And Manoj Pahwa As experienced actors have given this series a good feeling. I am going to elaborate here on what attracted me to the story.

what is the story

The story is about a middle-class family living in Dehradun. Joshi family. Sarla Joshi (Supriya Pathak), andHe has a government job, one by one he saved his salary and bought a plot of land. Umesh Joshi (Manoj Pahwa) He is a poet, his day is spent in cricket and poetry. They have two children, Jigyasa (Chakori) and Naman (Poojan Chhabra) Everyone has their own world. The Joshi family takes control of the plot, but the journey from plot to building a house is not an easy one. May the Joshi family dream come true, this is such a middle class feel good story.

things I liked

The author has managed to capture the nuances of the middle class well. There is no melodrama in the story and the characters are not forced, after a long time neighbors are serialized, otherwise today neighborhood and neighbors disappear from the society of cinema, while this important part of our lives . Dreaming of the middle class and how a lifetime goes into building a house, those challenges are well portrayed. There is no artificiality in the story. The climax of the story has been left on a nice note, so look forward to the next season. Many nostalgic items have also been included, which correspond to the old life. In this series, female characters are shown as strong, usually in middle-class stories, the head is male, but here it is attracted to give importance to female characters. Rows of poems have been added to the story of the story, which makes the story interesting.


The casting director of this series deserves credit for choosing similar characters for a natural story. Actors like Supriya Pathak and Manoj Pahwa creep into each character. Chakori and Poojan also acted well, they look fresh on screen, I see a lot of potential in both.

things that could have been better

The director took more time building the story, so I watched so much that I lost interest, but then there was that interesting aspect in the later part. The director could have done better with that.

In general, this series is a feel-good series, which you can enjoy with the whole family, I have seen it many times. this is life As the series are remembered, I believe there is a need to continue making such series so that families can sit together under the guise of the world of entertainment.

Webseries: Home Shanti

Cast: Supriya Pathak, Manoj Pahwa, Chakori Devi, Pujan Chhabra

Director: Akanksha Dua

OTT Channel: Disney Plus Hotstar

my rating 3 out of 5 stars

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