‘Wheel of Fortune’ producers reportedly replacing Pat Sajak after making ‘indecent comment’ on Vanna White reveal gossip

Is Pat Sajak about to be fired? A report says that the ancient host of Wheel of Fortune is in hot water over a lewd comment he made to Vanna Whitegossip investigates.

Wheely bad news for Sajak slipping

by the National Investigator, Pat Sajak’s job is on the line because of an inappropriate remark he made to White on the broadcast. “The producers have had enough and are looking for a replacement.” The comment came at the end of the show when Sajak asked White if she likes to watch “opera in the buff.” The studio audience groaned and social media was furious.

People on Twitter were citing the #MeToo movement, while others thought it was wickedly inappropriate. An insider says: “This one crossed the line. The human resources department is investigating whether there are grounds for giving him his running papers.” The source adds that it doesn’t help that Sajak makes $15 million a year, so the buyer of Wheel of Fortune apparently want an excuse to lower his salary anyway.

What’s going on with Pat Sajak?

gossip dealt with this incident when it happened, and it is not surprising that the questioner robs it of essential context. Pat Sajak’s nude opera commentary was very odd, but he only reached White because the winner of that night’s show was an opera singer. Sajak did a pun and changed ‘opera buff’ to ‘opera in the buff’.

Was it a good joke? Absolutely not, and he rightly caught him doing it. However, this tabloid makes it sound more perverted than it actually was. Executives at Wheel of Fortune have not commented on this joke, nor would we expect to. After all, Sajak just got a big bucks extension, so those in power seem happy with his work.

It’s getting a bit repetitive

The questioner salivate at the prospect of the Wheel of Fortune legend fired. Earlier this year, it claimed its Sajak’s bizarre tweets were a sign of a spiral. His sense of humor is a bit odd, but that’s why he’s the host of Wheel of Fortune in the first place. Last month, it claimed the entire crew wanted to fire him for rude comments to White. He still has a job, so that wasn’t true.

Viewers got an idea of ​​how to work on Wheel of Fortune actually is. White’s cat has passed away and the show’s creators have prepared a tribute. Sajak surprised White with the video package and the sight was almost moved to tears. It seems like the program is a family, and Sajak and White have no beef at all.

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