Women’s State of Origin live: Queensland Maroons vs NSW Blues in Canberra

The Maroons take consecutive wins in 2020 and 2021 but face a star-studded NSW lineup in Canberra tonight.

Follow all the action live in our blog below.

Live updates

By Jon Healy

35th minute: NSW makes 60 yards into their set, thanks in large part to a stampede from Jessica Sergis, but Tamika Upton handles the bombshell. The Maroons have one minute to go 80 meters.

By Jon Healy

32nd minute: Brigginshaw’s kick came from the back foot. She only just managed to get it off, but it eventually became too uncomfortable for Tonegato, who knocks on the wobbly ball.

And Emily Bass is getting high by Davis, so the Maroons get another chance.

But it is AGAIN wasted by a knock-on, this time Jessika Elliston under pressure from native All Star Caitlan Johnston.

By Jon Healy

30th minute: The Maroons have to take it off their own line after Tiana Penitani flew highest for a Pearson cross-field kick but failed to break through. I thought Emily Bass had understood something, but the umpire thought otherwise.

Sergis steals the ball for NSW, but knocks, giving the Maroons another letdown.

Caitlan Johnston and Keeley Davis, then Isabelle Kelly and Kezie Apps take huge hits in back-to-back tackles.

By Jon Healy

key moment

Rachael Pearson makes it 14-10 for NSW

So Queensland can’t upgrade it with an own goal. Still, I thought it would have been worth a try. They really challenge the defense of the Maroons every time they run it.

By Jon Healy

26th minute: Brittany Breayley-Nati has taken down great Caitlan Johnston, who left the line to her! What a tackle. But the Maroons conceded a penalty right off the sticks and the Sky Blues kicked in front of goal.

By Jon Healy

25th minute: Olympian on Olympic Violence as Evania Pelite chases a high kick and absolutely wrecks Tonegato just after her former rugby sevens teammate got the catch. Right in the ribs.

But NSW gets a penalty on the last tackle and gets a fresh set halfway through on the offensive side.

By Jon Healy

Tarryn Aiken Delivers Her Own Solo Efforts


Queensland’s five-eighth saw Kirra Dibb clearly doing her thing and decided to show her wares. She threw the dummy out, but I think she was almost past 28-year-old rookie Rachael Pearson already, and she just kept going to the line.

And this time, Ali Brigginshaw fires the harder shot on target.

By Jon Healy

22nd minute: The Maroons are keeping the Sky Blues out for the first time in ages and are being reinforced in the form of 40-year-old Steph Hancock.

NSW winger Tiana Penitana knocks on the bomb under pressure from the Maroons, but Queensland is pinged for an airborne tackle.

But the call is challenged…and KILLED! Maroons attack from 20 meters away.

By Jon Healy

Brigginshaw hits the mark at kick-off

19th minute: One of those spiral kick-offs that brought Pat Richards to Australia from the UK, and Brigginshaw found turf, making contact. So the Maroons immediately get the chance to strike back.

But it was wasted by a knock-on from Chelsea Lenarduzzi.

By Jon Healy

Kirra Dibb makes two for NSW

The Sky Blues pivot singled out the great Chelsea Lenarduzzi and Tazmin Gray and said between them. Smooth as that break was, the left foot step she took on Upton to get past the last line of defense was power—plant the foot and power along to get down.

NSW leads 12-4.

By Jon Healy

Emma Tonegato provides a great finish!


Keeley Davis slid to the right and then kicked into an incredibly sharp corner. It was clearly a regular move by the Sky Blues, as Emma Tonegato was right on top of it and sped on past Upton, who couldn’t turn sharp enough after Davis’ brilliant kick.

It looked like it was going to die, but the Dally M winner ducked and somehow got it neatly inside the blind spot.

By Jon Healy

12th minute: Julia Robinson flew to a bomb and got a good hold of it, but knocked.

NSW storm the field again and Jessica Sergis is awarded a penalty while Shannon Mato lingers in the tackle for far too long.

By Jon Healy

Queensland is the first to cross Destiny Brill

Well, NSW made all the easy yards onto the field, but the Maroons held out and got a useful penalty from their territory. Tarryn Aiken barely made contact, but they climbed into the red zone and Brill squeezed just next to the posts.

But Ali Brigginshaw hits the woodwork with the conversion attempt from right off the posts.

By Jon Healy

7th minute: Try-saver from Tamika Upton!!

Emma Tonegato certainly looked to score after throwing him on the last one, but Tamika Upton, so famous for her attack, produced a prodigious try-saver by rolling the Olympic gold medalist onto her back and preventing her from hitting the ball. could get down.

Great effort.

By Jon Healy

5th minute: NSW attacks from a good position, but Keeley Davis’ eraser isn’t good enough, and Maroons winger Julia Robinson charges back in the other direction. But the game is stopped so that Tallisha Harden can get an HIA. She was definitely stabilized in that earlier hit-up. There is also blood from the bridge of her nose.

Oof! Shenae Ciesiolka is crushed by Yasmin Clydsdale and Brigginshaw riffs a bomb high in the air from the back foot. It takes an awkward jump past Tonegato.

By Jon Healy

3rd minute: A Simaima Taufa offload to Hannah Southwell put the Sky Blues on the front foot towards the latter, but Kirra Dibb’s high ball left a little to be desired.

Maroon fullback Tamika Upton is believed to be injured, but received two goals in that set.

To upload! But Chelsea Lenarduzzi is coming back for Queensland.

Tallisha Harden was rocked by a tackle and the Maroons turned it around with a wayward charge that Evania Pelite can’t handle.

By Jon Healy

key moment

kick off

1st minute: NSW sends it to Tarryn Aiken on the bounce, and she finds Broncos teammate Chelsea Lenarduzzi for the first hit-up.

NSW’s excellent defense keeps the Maroons on their own side halfway through, with Aiken bombing Emma Tonegato for her first impact.

By Jon Healy

The players come onto the field

Welcome to Country and the National Anthem are in the books.

Time for the footy!

By Jon Healy

“Why do we always cry?”

An Origin-themed episode of Bluey just came out. Like we’re not talking about it.

The Decider, with the mellow tones of Ray Warren, Johnathan Thurston and Gordon Bray, tackled Origin night and houses split by sporting loyalties with the usual Bluey balance of emotion, humor and intelligence.

and our own Kyle Pollard similarly skilfully summed it up in his piece…

At first glance, it’s a story about simply having to choose a sports team.

But deeper down, it’s a lesson from reality that decisions are difficult for children when they know that someone they love will be hurt no matter what they decide.

It is a lesson for the parents who watch as much as the children. Maroons or Blues? This house or that house? Weekend or weekdays? Mom or Dad?

By Jon Healy

Best of five on the line


Tonight’s game could be the unofficial decider in a five-game series dating back to 2018, when the women’s interstate competition was first brought under the Origin banner.

Since then, NSW won the first two years, then Queensland won the last two years, making this year’s game the tiebreaker.

NSW is arguably the strongest they’ve been in recent years, complete with both this season’s Dally M winners – Emma Tonegato and Millie Boyle. But the Maroon backbone of Tamika Upton, Tarryn Aiken, Ali Brigginshaw and Brittany Breayley-Nati is elite, and look out for Lauren Brown coming off the couch in the number 14 role to provide some spark.

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