12 original gift wrappings!

Dressed in white

Stained glass style
This packaging is so pretty that we may not dare to damage it! To give a nice graphic effect to our white paper, we stuck adhesive stained glass paper on it. We then extended the lines of the stained glass onto the paper using a black felt-tip pen.

White Banner Paper ($5.41 per 61cm x 122cm roll, at Staples). Adhesive stained glass paper ($3.99 per m, at Quincaillerie Rona). Permanent marker ($1 for two, at Dollarama).

The case is closed
Simplicity is elegance! As a background, white paper to which we added a wide ribbon and a big red bow.
White Banner Paper ($5.41 per 61cm x 122cm roll, at Staples). Ribbon and cabbage ($1 a set, at Rossy).

Wrapped packets
A great way to use up all the mismatched bits of ribbon lying around: it’s fun to make bows of all colors, in all directions! Something to dress up our white paper nicely!
White Banner Paper ($5.41 per 61cm x 122cm roll, at Staples). Ribbons ($1 a roll, at Dollarama).

Twisted Ball ($6, at Pier 1 Imports).

We recycle!

An old-fashioned effect
To give the illusion of old newsprint, broad strokes of amber pastel pencil have been drawn on it. We then drew golden lines for a natural effect. The final touch: a wide ribbon adorned with a beautiful green organza bow and a silky narrow ribbon.
Ribbons ($1 a roll, at Dollarama). Crayons (at art supply stores).

Full speed!
It’s a tangerine season. That’s good: we can reuse the box to create an elegant gift! We wrap our present in tissue paper, then tie a checkered ribbon around the box to hold the contents in the box. Small decorative brooms and cedar branches glued with a hot glue gun give a warm look to the whole.
Decorative ribbon and mini-brooms ($0.99 per m, $0.39 for a small one, and $0.55 for a large one, at L’Oiseau bleu Artisanat). Tissue paper ($0.89 for 10 20″ x 26″ sheets, at Jean Coutu).

Pack it into a box
You had to think about it! We slip our little gifts into well-cleaned cans. Warning: use a can opener that does not make the edges sharp! We wrap everything in cellophane paper held by a pretty ribbon. Original!
Colored cellophane paper ($1 for a 30″ x 60″ sheet, at Dollar Maxima). Organza ribbon ($1 a roll, at Dollarama).

Child’s play

Pretty twink
We covered the gift with colored paper. From the same paper, we cut out small triangles to form the cat’s ears and glued them to the gift with glue sticks. We added self-adhesive eyes and drew the muzzle and paw prints in a black felt-tip pen. Glittering pipe cleaners, glued with white glue, form the whiskers and highlight the cat’s mouth and ears.
Wrapping paper and self-adhesive eyes ($1 for a 76 cm x 122 cm roll and $0.50 for a pack of 10, at Dollar Maxima). Pipe cleaners and permanent marker ($1 for a pack of 30 and $1 for a pack of two, at Dollarama). Glue stick and white glue (in supermarkets and pharmacies).

It takes off!
On red paper, we traced spirals with markers of different colors. We then superimposed a garland of miniature beads on which we strung wooden beads. To hold it on the gift, we simply put a drop of hot glue on each wooden bead.
Wrapping paper ($1 per 76 cm x 122 cm roll, at Dollar Maxima). Wooden beads, a garland of miniature beads, and markers ($1 for X, $1 a roll, and $1 for two, at Dollarama). Hot glue gun (in large stores).

Like candy!
This is sure to attract the attention of our little gourmands! On plain colored paper, sweets were glued using a hot glue gun. We used a red cord reminiscent of licorice to surround the gift and form a pretty loop.
Wrapping paper ($1 per 76 cm x 122 cm roll, at Dollar Maxima). Decorative cord ($1 a pack, at Dollarama). Hot glue gun (in large stores).

Teddy Bear ($1, at Dollarama). Airplane ($6, at Pier 1 Imports).

straw coco
Two small baskets were superimposed, then fixed to each other by means of a ribbon threaded on a yarn needle. We garnished the baskets with a beautiful loop of golden ribbon embellished with a small red ribbon. It’s pretty, not to mention that the baskets can be reused!
Straw and gold ribbon baskets ($1 each and $1 a roll, at Dollarama). Red ribbon ($1.75 per m, at Bouclair).

Checkered gift
Here, a pretty tea towel replaces the wrapping paper. We rolled up the ends of the fabric to form a kind of little bundle, then we tied them with a ribbon in which we inserted a mini-bouquet of frosted berries.
Tea towel ($5.95 for four, at Fly). Gold ribbon ($1 a roll, at Dollarama). Bouquet of frosted berries ($0.79 a pack, at L’Oiseau bleu Artisanat).

In raw paper
Chic and contemporary, a gift wrapped in kraft paper that has simply been wrapped in raffia and garnished with a bouquet of red berries.
Paper, raffia, and red berries ($1 per 76 cm x 304 cm roll, $1 per bundle, and $1 per bouquet, at Dollarama).

Small tree ($4, at Pier 1 Imports).