Pack… without wasting

North Pole Delivery

  • We collect… our old grocery bags. This package was delivered by Santa Claus! To give it its hauled look, we use a grocery bag and jute rope. Cut out a serrated stamp, color it, and put a sticker on it ($4.95 for 7, at DeSerres). To make it even more authentic, write the name of the elf who made the gift using stamps ($5.95 for the alphabet, at DeSerres).
  • We’re getting… our containers of juice and milk. Before starting, we open our containers very large, wash them and dry the inside. We then wrap each container with brown grocery bag paper, slip the gift in, and close and staple the top. For the roof, we use a piece of stiff cardboard that we paint with leftover paint. All that remains is to decorate the house as we wish!


Gift basket

  • We get our fruit baskets back. Painted with leftover paint, this fruit basket looks festive. We make small cuts at regular intervals at its base and we decorate each side with a decorative ribbon that we pass in a zigzag through these openings (we can recover our ribbons afterward since no glue is used). We also cover the handle with a ribbon and, to hide the gift, we add a fir branch and decorate it with a candy branch ($1.99, at Plantes et Décors Véronneau).


Media presentation

  • We collect… our old magazines. A simple and pretty way to give a second life to our favorite magazines. We choose a beautiful photo and we find a ribbon in the same shades. If our gift is too big for a single page, we glue several ends to end to create a mosaic.


Sewn fabrics


  • We collect… scraps of fabric. We line our gifts with pretty prints! We wrap the box and sew the fabric by hand instead of gluing it. You can also wrap the lid separately.


futuristic gifts


  • We collect… bubble wrap. We covered the box first with tissue paper, then with bubble wrap. We garnished the whole thing with pretty metallic decoration.
  • We get… an old bag and some scratched CDs. To hide the name of the shop, we glue CDs with hot glue (you can insert a small piece of aluminum foil in the center to make them more opaque). Fill with shredded paper and decorate with Christmas balls.


The best thing about these packages is that the material used will be useful in the home of the person who receives it.


  • We offer… a nice dish towel. We wrap the gift in a dish towel ($11.95 for 6, at La Baie) that we attach with pins. A bit of ribbon and you’re done! For a nod to the kitchen, decorate with a cookie cutter ($0.99 each, at Fenton).
  • We offer… a pillowcase. We slip the biggest gifts into a pillowcase ($4.99 for 2, at Sears). Tie the opening with a ribbon and complete it with ornaments of your choice (ribbon and wreath, $1 each, at Dollarama; Christmas stockings, $7.99, at Plantes et Décors Véronneau).